Feelin' so Fly Like a... G5?!

Let me preface this post by saying I do not want to discredit Dexcom in any way, shape or form. Dexcom CGM has saved our son’s life on NUMEROUS occasions and that can in no way be understated. This is just a review of our experience with G6 following our receipt of the unit in September 2018. Use it to make your own decisions regarding which model is right for you or your child!

What appealed to us in the first place?

Dexcom G6 boasts no calibrations, a 10 day wear period and superior accuracy. All of these features were GREAT for us! Carter didn’t have to be poked twice a day to calibrate and when we placed a new sensor, it did the normal 2 hour warm up period but then just came on by itself with no initial calibrations needed, either. 10 days actually seems so much longer than the 7 days we were used to, as we didn’t typically extend the G5 sensor unless it looked or was acting unreliable.

Just how accurate was it?

SPOT on! Nearly 100% of the time, it was within 10 mg/dl each and every time I felt the need to do a finger check. And the one time we had severely spotty readings and constant (once per hour) loss of signal, we changed it out and discovered the needle was bent. It was bent to nearly a 90 degree angle and it STILL was reading dead on! Now that’s reliability!

SoOoO if we love all it can do so much… why did we switch back?

Constant loss of signal, to be completely honest. I’m actually thinking, in retrospect, that we might have gotten a bad transmitter. Perhaps that’s the reason for the constant spotty readings and loss of signal when the receiver (iPhone 6) was always well within its limits. Definitely something I will ask about when I contact our medical supplier.  But I couldn’t efficiently manage Carter’s sugars and keep him from the extreme highs and lows when it went out at least once every 2-3 hours.

What was the final nail in the coffin towards switching back?

Head on over to my other post to read the stories and emotions behind changing from Dexcom G6 back to Dexcom G5 ;)

HOW did we switch back when insurance is involved?

We have not yet dealt with any insurance companies, but I will follow up this post with an update when I do talk to our insurance and medical supplier. I simply had a brand new G5 transmitter that had been in use just a few weeks before our G6 switch. I reactivated that (transmitters are good for 6 months) and I had 2 leftover Dexcom G5 sensors.

What to consider if you are thinking about switching back to G5.

INSURANCE and medical supplier. I heard through the grapevine that Dexcom would like to discontinue the G5 and thus insurance and medical suppliers are pushing for everyone to be on G6. I’m not sure if we will be able to get replacement G5 sensors or transmitters. Again, I’ll update in another post once I get a concrete answer ;)

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